We know you love Greek islands and Santorini in special and so do we. Having worked there, we know first hand that it offers breathtaking sunsets and majestic views as well as wonderful beaches. The island offers many choices for a wedding. Whether you like elegant, luxurious, extravagant weddings or even simple, small ceremonies, Santorini might be the place for you.

Tips: Autumn and spring are always the best seasons while summer should be avoided.Prices are higher and the island is more crowded, you are sure to get best the most out of your experience on autumn or spring. 

Traditional Cretan Wedding

Our love for tradition and our experience in folkloric events stood the trigger of creating a stand-traditional wedding package. Our goal is to help anyone interested in our services that are plucked from the tradition of our country to give a different note to their marriage.

Crete has varied places of residence. Scattered on the island, in harmony with the Cretan landscape there are small houses with specific local colors, modern hotels and stylish luxury villas. Occupancy, comfort and satisfaction are the features that define the stay here with the high quality service provided and the traditional sense of hospitality of the Cretans associated guaranteeing your stay. Accommodation proposals here

The decision of marriage is the most serious in the life of two people. To keep your marriage memorable must give great attention to details.

The treat present in every Greek wedding is ‘koufeta’: whole almonds, coated with sugar or chocolate. Usually they come wrapped in a piece of fabric along with a little souvenir (the whole gift is called ‘boboniera’) and we offer them right after the wedding ceremony, when the guests express their best wishes for the couple.

In every Greek wedding, crowns are used to bind the couple forever. There can’t be a wedding without wreaths! They are made of any material; silver, olive branches, beach logs, lemon flowers, porcelain. Two circles united by a ribbon symbolize the circle of life.

Every place has some kind of a traditional sweet for the wedding. Sweets from almonds, much like biscuits are offered in Irakleio. In Chania, the traditional treat is ‘kserotigana’. They have a round shape, resemble a flower and are made of flour dough, water and raki. We fry them in olive oil and serve after pouring honey over.

Crete is a wonderful wedding destination, all year round. If you like quiet beaches, avoid the period from the 10th of June to the 10th of September. There is more heat and the beaches are more crowded. There is an option, instead, to conduct a ceremony on the mountain, in Samaria gorge, a shepherd’s pen or a picturesque village on the mountains. We can send you our showcase, containing 300 photos of about 30 locations for you to pick from!

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